Monday, March 1

pinch and a punch

Lucky Sophie. Her grandma Sandra whipped this up for her.

Lucky Lucy. Grandma Barb made this. I have previously popped this on the blog but Lucy called in to show us how gorgeous she looks in her dress.

Thank you to all who made sale day a success. We had a little breather in the middle of the day and I remembered to get the camera!!! To the lunch lady Amanda, morning tea deliverers Jill and Gina, a huge thank you.


Andi said...

Thanks for a lovely shopping spree!!

Andi said...

Hello lovely Amitie peoples!
I received a lovely parcel in the mail from you today ... some of the new Denyse Schmidt range.
I'm not quite sure why I was so lucky but I wanted to just say 'Thankyou!'
Andi x