Monday, May 24

discovering the city you live in

My husband and I decided to have a weekend off together..a rare thing at our place. We thought about where we might go and decided we never really take time to look around the city in which we live, so spent the night in the city of Melbourne, all of about 10 minutes from where we live!!

We stayed at the Lindrum Hotel which is a lovely little boutique hotel in Flinders St.

Discovered all the arcades and side streets.

Had afternoon tea at the Windsor

and all in all had a really lovely relaxing time. I even had an afternoon nap.


Andi said...

Hooray for nanna naps!!

Bellgirl said...

...and hooray for afternoon tea!

Luv a Duck! (afka Partito y Monito) said...

God, that sounds like bliss!

62cherry said...

nice one!

Adele said...

gotta love a mini holiday in your own city! glad you both had a good break xx