Thursday, September 9

childrens quilts

This fabulous number was made by Tina for a little person who loves Mr Men. A mixture of applique, embroidery and some 9 patch blocks.

These quilts were made by the children at a local kindergarten as a fund raiser. A great idea....each child picked pre cut shapes and arranged them and decorated them. A very clever mummy sewed them and then made quilts to auction on the night. Things have progressed since my children were at kinder. I got smelly ( not in a good way) soap from the fundraiser stall and had to bake dozens of cakes!!


Sally said...

Love the Little Mister quilt! I would love to know where I could purchase either fabric or machine embroidery software for the Little Miss and/or Little Mister characters! Are they available only in AU or England? Thanks.... Sally

Jenny said...

Sally, Tina just made these up using the images from the books and hand embellished them.

Sally said...

Then I am even more impressed with Tina and her quilt. I've done a little digitizing but not sure if I could manage to do several of the characters. I have the books so maybe I will try to applique some of them. Thanks for the info!