Friday, October 22

Rockin Robin Round 1 - Staff Profile

Jennifer Kingwell
Round 1


I have been fortunate in my life to have 2 careers, both involving a needle in my hand.
I began nursing after leaving school, and after many years experiencing different disciplines I settled into midwifery which was the most rewarding and fantastic work place. I was privileged to be included into the life changing, everyday miracles of child birth.

In 1999 I purchased my share of a quilt shop. It was the beginning of my 2nd career, one which is also very rewarding! After a couple of years of working both jobs, I finished nursing.

I have always loved fabric and threads and over the many I have tried almost every craft. EG. Padded tissue box covers, photo frames, macrame, cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet, dried flower arranging, stenciling... the list goes on.

The aspect of my life that gives me enormous pleasure is my family. Richard and I have 3 daughters, Meg, Abby and Lucy. Meg is a primary school teacher, Abby works in the fashion world and many of you know Lucy who works at Amitie.

I enjoy the design process of quilt making and I would describe my style at 'eclectic'. Hand sewing is most enjoyable but I am also comfortable behind a machine. Bright colours always attract me and I am quite often adding black and white to the quilt. Most people think this is because I am a Collingwood supporter and these are their team colours, but I just think I love black and white!

Food: Everything! Maybe risotto.
Drink: Bubbles - Domaine Chandon.
Colour: Everything except blue.
Movie: Dirty dancing.
Actor/Actress: Collin Farrell (not for his acting ability) and Liam Neeson.
Song: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and Gitter in the Air by Pink.
Currently reading: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Family Recipe: Aunty Mavis' Dried Apricot Slice.
Gadget: Escort Auto Needle Threader.
Fabric: Linens.

If you would like to join the Amitie Mystery Quilt - Rockin Robin please e-mail


sue spargo said...

Hi Jenny
Would love to be added. I am having trouble emailing you. I am thinking my emails are not reaching you. Please send me an email so I can try and respond to it. Would love to chat.

alobsiger said...

A very exciting start and a treat to learn more about you, Jenny! Thanks for the fun!

cath b said...

hi jenny
just made the beautiful tote you bought to better? homes and gardens...its a great bag...count me in...thanks
cath b

PatchWorkPrincess said...

I'd love to join in thanks, Anything Amitie is cool. !
I did send an email when this was first announced.

WesternWilson said...

Jenny, would you consider posting your recipe for dried apricot slice?! Sounds delish!