Thursday, December 16

rockin robin round 2 - gina gregory

Gina Gregory Profile:

I was raised in an unconventional household by a politically active, feminist Mother (and Father) who, none-the-less, encouraged her daughters into the domestic crafts. We were often knitting, sewing crocheting and painting – though probably crafting a peace symbol rather than a doily.
I made a few patchwork pieces in my teens; my first was a small, paper-pieced hexagon quilt of which I painted each individual hexagon. However my passion developed with exposure to antique quilts while living in the USA in the early 80’s. Then , after the birth of my first daughter in 1984, I took a class at a local quilt shop and have had several quilts on the go since.
My preference is for hand piecing, so my output can be quite modest especially as I always find it difficult to balance finishing off one quilt with the excitement of starting a new one.
Inspired by antique quilts, textiles, vintage fabrics and my collection of old aprons I enjoy designing me own appliqué quilts. I would describe my style as naïve with an emphasis on visual vitality rather than following the rules and worrying about the size of my stitches.
I am very lucky to have quilting aunts, sisters and many friends. They have encouraged me to teach and challenge myself. For me, quilting is both solitary and a companionable activity. One providing endless creative possibilities and the simple pleasure of one stitch after the other.


Food: Cake.
Drink: A nice cup of tea.
Colour: Pink and Green,
Movie: My Fair Lady.
Actor/Actress: Kevin Kline.
Song: Dance me to the end of love by Leonard Cohen.
I am currently reading: Pilgrims by Garrison Keillor.
Family Recipe: Nanna’s Hedgehog
Fabric: Old aprons.


Andi said...

What a stunning block!
Nice to find out a bit more about you Gina!!

broderie said...

the rockin robin is coming along very beautifully! i enjoy coming in and making that 'nice cup of tea' sometimes for you dear gina!
happy christmas to all my 'amitie' friends, good wishes and more stitching in 2011. happy days, lizzie.