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What an honour

 This past week we have had the pleasure of hosting Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably in Melbourne.

 What a sunset we organised on their first night.

 Brandon...always the clown with Nikki's hand bag. It was a hairpiece for both head and chest then became a poodle as the night went on.

 Both Kaffe and Brandon are so observant. I think I have been walking around with my eyes closed. This was something that caught their eye on Ackland St StKilda

 We all enjoyed a Thai foot massage at the end of a day at the galleries.

Both the workshop and the lecture were fabulous and I know everyone enjoyed themselves. We have had lots of calls and messages of delight today. If you want to see more of the workshop photos check out
Patch Andi as she has some great shots and I was a bit distracted and forgot to pick up the camera!!


Andi said…
I'm still buzzing!!
Thanks Jenny.
Lisa said…
It was a fabulous day!! I was dreaming about fabric last night!! Thanks Amitie ladies :D
Miriam said…
I had a ball!!! Yesterday was the start of a whole new way of looking at fabric and colour for me. :) Thank you to all the staff at Amitie for making the day fabulous!
Thanks Jenny & co. for organising everything.
We (my Aunt & I) joined the lecture on Sat night. AMAZING! LOVED IT!
How can one man design/ create/produce/build so much stuff?!?!?!?
Thanks so much, it was great!!

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