Monday, March 14

desert safari

we were picked up at the hotel and the first stop after a lengthy drive was at a camel farm, unfortunately there was little to no english spoken so we didn't get any info. This chap was very friendly...a little too so!

After the camel farm came the dune bashing, it was really good fun until

a flat tyre. what a job this was to change on a soft surface. The men dug out the tyre but as fast the hole filled

it gave us some time to discover on foot, but not too far as it was quite hot.

the cars travel in pairs and I now know why. Within 15 minutes our companion car got stuck. everyone out again and a long and difficult tow started.
we all sat and watched the sun set which was spectacular.

we eventually got to camp for some dinner, belly dancing and some good aussie beer and Jacobs Creek wine
                 after a lovely day we set off home..........only to have a second flat tyre on the highway but it was
                                                              such an enjoyable day!!


sue spargo said...

i am really enjoying your adventure. It is wonderful to experience different cultures! Really opens your eyes.
Take care

Lisa said...

That must have tiring, but that landscape!! Just gorgeous!

Muhammad Amjad said...

That must have tiring, but that landscape!! Just gorgeous!
Desert safari

Edward said...

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Sajith Raju said...

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sukhi singh said...

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Adil Arif said...

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