Sunday, March 6

first impressions

We arrived at 6am. The weather to my delight is cool for this time of year. The view out of the hotel window is spectacular although it has been a little overcast so the photos don't show to their best.
 This mosque is just around the corner and the morning call to prayer is such a lovely sound. Much better than the noisy minor I wake to at home!!
The amount of building and construction is incredible. Cranes everywhere. I snapped this out of the taxi window which is not easy as they drive incredibly fast. Something I will need to get used to. The road rules are a little scarey.....people seem to drive where ever they want, especially at the roundabouts.
So far so good. I am enjoying Abu Dhabi very much. We are just about to go to a shopping mall and a market so will have some more photos to show.


Andi said...

Nice view!!!
Looking forward to the market shots.
Have fun!!!!
Andi x

Serena said...

Can't wait to see more photos. I'm soooooo jealous.