Friday, March 18

keeping a low profile

sorry for the absent  updates over the last few days but we have both been suffering from something we can only assume we caught from the camel kiss! or may be something we ate. We have been no further than the room and have seen the bathroom far too often if you get what I mean, but tonight we ventured out to the Central souk for a short visit. I hope you enjoy

could have easily taken this home with me

the spice market was amazing

this rug took 4 families 3 years to make. It is pure silk and has 600 knots per square inch. it is amazing

just a chocolate shop

the inside architecture

something else for my suitcase

a local fabric store

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Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope you're both feeling better. The spices look fabulous! One more place to add to the travel list.. :)