Saturday, March 12

a lengthy post about brunch

the weekend starts here on friday and brunch is a big thing  for both the locals and the expat community.
this morning we went to the Fairmont hotel to partake. This is the grand mosque which I intend to visit later in the week. 

Just to give perspective about the size of the hotel....this is the hall

Floral arrangements at every turn

it's a dry country....this was beside my table and I can only assume it is all for me.

These are just some of the entrees

desserts went on forever...even the children were well catered for
if you were looking for something healthy, these fruit kebebs might be the go

or you could dip them into the chocolate fountain

                                the drinks were lined up at the end of the day....even too much for me!!!!!

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Louise said...

Goodness, how completely amazing!!!