Wednesday, March 9

more out and about

this is the entrance to the park behind the hotel

I went to the gold souk but unfortunately was not allowed to photograph inside for security reasons. Talk about bling!!

market stalls at the souk next door,  this seemed to be an area for textiles as well

window display at one of the many fabric stores. It is hard to buy cotton here, lots of synthetics with sequins and jewels.I forgot to bring a piece of black but did manage to find some eventually so can continue with my project.

we had dinner at a traditional restaurant last night. we let the waiter select for us

and out came the good old arabic french fries!!!!! with tomato sauce

                                 the chairs were covered in the most amazing embroidered pieces


Lisa said...

Those chairs are stunning - how much carry on are allowed??? ;)

Andi said...

The embroideries are wonderful.
The tabouleh and dips look pretty delish. Not so sure about the Arabic fries though.
Andi x

sue spargo said...

How amazing! I can't wait for tomorrows post. I love the embroidery.