Thursday, March 3

my bags are packed...well almost

my clothes are still on the clothes line, and I am not sure what I really need. Madly rotary cutting is so hard to choose for an entire project. I rely so heavily on being able to go to my stash if something is not quite right

but the most important thing is that my sewing gets packed. Richard is working OS at the moment so I thought I would go on a little vacation with him.


Belinda aka beeware said...

Have a lovely time! And I agree got to get the craft stuff packed first.

a very fine house said...

I am imagining you on a comfy couch, feet up, perle 8's all around, resting and gathering stories to tell us at stitching. Oh and no doubt the Pies will go!, as Andi says, Richard and Dad will have to wait a bit longer.