Tuesday, April 12

busy weekend and a new baby

Spent the weekend visiting the guilds. Saturday, I was off to The Bay Quilters guild to hear Jinny Beyer speak and have a small stand to share some of our new favourite products with the ladies. Then on Sunday, Lucy and I were off to South Melbourne to participate in the Sit and Sew Day with the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild. Lots of friendly faces at this one and lots of creativity!

The lovely Cathy who was working on The Circle Game BOM.

Cathy is piecing her BOM using the paper piecing method. Very clever!

A beautiful pile of spots.

Very sophisticated quilt - lovely soft colours!

Love the red gloves on this quilt.

I've started my doll quilt for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap... here's a sneak peek!

AND... I've got a new baby (don't tell Amitie Girl). Yes! It's very exciting (actually, Amitie girl knows... and she's pretty excited too!)
Yes I have given birth to a Nikon D90!

It's been out of the box once, and it's very pretty! The battery is charging so I will do a post later in the week about my babies first steps.

 To Finish, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG. 29 years ago I gave birth to my first baby. I hope today is full of smiles of you Meggie.


Adele said...

Jen, I have this exact camera.... you will LOVE it!! Enjoy your new baby.

Di Mill said...

Oh I'm so jealous. I would love to have a camera like that. I only have a point & shoot which does a great job but it's limited. Lovely quilts.

amitietextiles said...

I might call on you Adele for HELP!!!
and DI if I can master it then you should get one as it must be good. Stay tuned.