Monday, May 16

Beautiful Salt Lake City

 This is a really beautiful city. I open the curtains each morning and there are the mountains right in front of me.

 Quilt market is a busy place. Here we are day one all full of anticipation at what we may see within. I have purchased some great things to bring back so everyone can be excited

 The gorgeous Kellie and Jan from "Don't look now" were very busy and below is one of Kellies designs on display at a quilt shop I visited in the Utah Valley

 I also had the pleasure of spending time with my friend Sue, and her stand as always, stood out in the crowd.

 Sue has designed a wonderful new ribbon range, so have a look next time you are in our store as I have ordered the full range.

Thank you Jennifer, Elizabeth, Sue, Kelly, Melissa and Cathy for a scrumptious dinner and fun night in general. I bought a sewing project with me but I have been so busy socialising I haven't done a stitch. It has been a wonderful few days. I am sorry the photos are a little dull but I am working from my baby laptop and I have realised I don't have an editing program I can access


sue spargo said...

It was wonderful spending time with you, Have fun in Denver and then safe travels home.

Kellie said...

I was also so happy to see you Jenny! How cool to see the theatre made up!