Thursday, May 26

more of my travels

 I had a good look around Salt Lake City and visited a small quilt museum. Above are some of the quilts on display. Not so sure about the squirrel one?? Made by a 13 year old girl who apparently hunted the furry creatures then made a quilt from the skins.

 This is Carolyn Forster from The UK who was at market promoting her new book "utility quilting" which will be available soon. Carolyn is doing my BOM " the circle game " so it was lovely to meet her in person.

 I am now in Denver visiting friends and on Tuesday evening Fancy Tiger has a craft evening so we went along and joined the knitters, embroiderers, crocheters and stitchers. It was a really nice evening. These are just some of the wonderful images this talented lady embroidered onto her toile skirt.

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Ann said...

Beautiful quilts - I'm so envious!