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Amitie Giveaway!!

It's no crime in pointing out that we're all time poor. By the time you get to work, get home, do the grocery shopping, feed the kids (or in my case, adults), do the dishes, the clothes washing there's barely any time to stitch... and let me tell you, being a one arm bandit has not helped either!
Any tips or tricks on how to juggle life's tasks a little better would be greatly appreciated by me and many others so let's get the conversation started!

Leave a comment on this post about any sewing tip, cooking tip... anything you know that helps you get through the daily bump and grind.
We'll reward one of you with a lovely fat 1/4 bundle. That 15 fat 1/4's in total valued at $75.00!!!!

We'll pick a winner out of the hat next Monday the 29th of Aug.
Only Australian Residents are eligible for the prize but doesn't mean our international customers can't share their hints and tricks!


Judy M said…
Allowing the kids to watch a DVD or have laptop time on the new parental bed-- is giving me chunks of sewing time at present!!
I generally bake for the school lunches in one big hit, enough to last the week, saves baking each night/morn --before/ after work

love the gorgeous range of fabrics for the giveaway--hopw it finds the way to my house!
Melisa said…
Allowing mr 3 to sort my vast pin collection in to colour groups keeps him amused long enough for me to sew!
Leah said…
Meal planning makes whole parts ofmy life better- shoppings better and cheaper with a list, and there's no OMG what's for dinner every night at 5pm.
ifabrikate said…
When I'm cooking something that will freeze, I make double so that I end up with a few things I can just heat up after work - frees up some time for sewing. The slow cooker helps too.
bacoon said…
Never walk from room to room without something in your hand to be put away in the room your heading to!

Saves walking back and forward all the time. It's like a clean as you go!
In a two creative parent household we take turns doing the cooking and chores to balance out our also helps to not care about the state of the house and only clean when hygenically necessary or when you have guests coming...and having a clean kit (basket with all the rags, cleaning liquids) helps you speed through - 15 mins per room should be enough...them you are free to CREATE!
Katrina said…
I like to have all my pieces cut before I try to sit and sew. I find it's less stress if I can just focus on piecing than cutting in between
Frenchie said…
Oragnisation is key. My girlfriends and I organise a monthly session dedicated to a nice homemade lunch and an afternoon of all types of sewing. We call it Crafternoon!
Catherine M said…
In school hols and weekends we have 5pm family clean up time- 30 minutes x 5 means lots gets done. At some point the penny might drop that the less mess they make during the day the quicker clean up time is!! Anyhow it means I get to sew heaps and not fuss too much as it all gets done at 5.
Mandy said…
I have to have a spot where I can keep some sewing set up or I would never get any done, and no sewing makes a grumpy mummy!! I also have a cutting session then a machine sewing session, and always have some hand sewing handy.
craftapalooza said…
I try incidental cleaning, like spraying the shower with cleaner 5 minutes before my shower and then giving it a quick scrub when I'm in there.
Jen said…
My tip would be to stop sitting at the computer looking up MORE idea's ,blog sites or buying material online...and get stuck into those chores or all that sewing you want to do while using the books idea's and material you already have !
Bobishi said…
Supermarket shopping online... it's the best:) Get your shopping delivered by someone else while you sew:)
To Do Lists.
I have one of those A4 size weekly planners as well as my GooCal App for iPhone,iPad and Google Calendar. It also has lists.
Also use shopping lists and the Slow Cooker saves so much time.
I try and make one weekend a month a cooking weekend and freeze meals for later in the week or when I'm working a late shift,I take out a meal the night before to defrost in the fridge and just leave a note for hubby to put said meal in oven at this time and for how long to put on the timer tea's usually just ready to come out of the oven as I arrive home from work.I also plan my meals fortnightly and shop for just what's on my list plus staples like bread,milk etc I shop for during the week if needed,hope this helps :) Barb.
Carpool! Sharing the load with other Mum's for the after school activities is fabulous.
If you can, cook tea early (or cook double and freeze) so that when it gets particularly ugly there is something to hand.
If all else fails - eat chocolate! (I have been known to raid the cooking chocolate when desperate)
Hope you're on the mend Jenny!
bec said…
I always keep some hand sewing craft in my bag, whenever i'm waiting for appts etc I hip it out. You get heaps done, as it all adds up!
bec said…
I always keep some hand sewing craft in my bag, whenever i'm waiting for appts etc I hip it out. You get heaps done, as it all adds up!
Bronwyn said…
Always make a salad that is too big for one family dinner; that way lunch next day is super healthy with an added tin of tuna maybe and voila - easy peasy low carb meal for work! Saves me money not buying food for lunch and saves me calories - win win!
Karen Wilson said…
I think my survival tactic is: don't do the housework!! I only do things that need doing, hence we have a walk-in-robe that you can't walk in because there are clean clothes all over the floor and stuff like that.

Means I'm a lot more sane!
have some hand sewing/stitchery prepared in a bag.......I take mine in the car all the is amazing what you can get done waiting for an appointment or the school bus.......
Brianna said…
Have a cut out hour or whatever time you can and then have it ready beside the sewing machine ready to go whenever you can sneak in a few minutes. Also have hand sewing/ knitting/ crochet in the car ready to go while waiting at appointments/ wherever.
Kristy said…
When it comes to sewing tips
1. I always prewash fabric when I get it home - then I don't have to work out what is washed or not when I come to use it and wait for it to dry if I have to wash it.
2. I change my sewimg machine needle on the 1st of every month - then I don't need to try to keep track of haw many projects I have completed with it.
3. I am lucky to have a fabric storage cupboard that is quite big so I store it all in a way that I can see what I have without pulling everything out. Makes starting and cleaning much quicker.
4. The exception to this is if I have bought fabric for a specific quilt I make up little 'kits'and secure them with some bakers twine and a little note reminding me what I planned for the bundle.
Add a little smile to your day. It can certainly make the busyness less stressful.
CHRIS said…
Fun reading all these tips but my best is DELEGATE & OUTSOURCE & never feel GUILTY !!
Emma O said…
Just leave the houswork!
AJMC said…
A hint from my mother - between noon and when I came home from school was "her" time (and later when I was older). If housework wasn't finished by then it could wait until tomorrow. Sunday was "do what you want to do" day - mind you, this was in the days when children occupied themselves without gizmos! Also she never just sat to watch tv in the evenings without knitting in her hands.
AJMC said…
Also, I find if I keep all my tools, pattern, fabric etc for the present project in large tub with a lid, I can have all things ready to go at a moments notice. Also all things can be swept into it again and put underneath when you need the craft table to turn into a dining table again!
Jenny McH said…
My hint is be nice to the 'boss' (my husband) and he may let you leave work a little early. That way dinner is on the table sooner, and the rest of the evening is for sewing!
Kassi said…
Personally, I schedule myself creating time each week!! Which is great cause I can see it on my calendar so I work my butt off getting my domestic duties done in time!! Even if they are not completed I still take my creative time to unwind from the pressures of life!! The housework will always wait!!!!
pepperpot said…
two tips: 1. trade your time with the kids; they make their lunch, you take them to soccer. 2. drink wine. copiously!
Frances said…
Always have a project that is portable, small sweing project, knitting or crochet, amazing what can be done in 10 - 15 mins. FJMK
Bree said…
I try to organise myself so that everyone can be happy for at least 1 1/2 hours so i can get to my projects. Wether its create your own ice cream sundae and watch a movie kids or i have set up a craft session for them too while i sit at my craft table and the best craft project gets a prize. I also spend one night cutting, another pinning and then another sewing, another planning. If my fave tv shows are on then the trusty stable table makes a return! 1 1/2 hours is enough time for me every night and the end of a week the results are amazing.
sewjourn said…
Planning a monthly menu and doing a big shop at the start of the month takes the stress out of the 'what's for dinner' decision and ensures we have a health balanced diet. Would love to say the time I save goes into sewing....but that's not always the case. (And minimal housework saves time!)
sewjourn said…
Planning a monthly menu and doing a big shop at the start of the month takes the stress out of the 'what's for dinner' decision and ensures we have a health balanced diet. Would love to say the time I save goes into sewing....but that's not always the case. (And minimal housework saves time!)
Ellen Easter said…
I try and shop for food staples and cleaning products once a month - it results in a lot less time wasted at the shops. I also cook double meals - one to eat and one for the freezer.
Marg M said…
I use a crock pot in the morning - leave and forget (slow cook over the day) and then sew for the day.
Rebecka said…
Use your left-over batting scraps on your Swiffer Sweeper or for dusting. They really pick up the dust. I don't know if you have Swiffers in Australia but they're really handy for picking up threads on the sewing room floor.
Rebecka Schafer
Lincoln NE USA
Krevill said…
Buy a needle threader from Amitie. It saves at least 5 minutes for those with not so good eyes for threading. The best gadget at Amitie! Which I have and love.
Yarn Wrap said…
No place the needle over the thread and not the thread through the needle. this is the way tailors traditional thread the needle. Much faster and quicker.
Time has flown, and I've missed the Monday deadline (what was that about time poor!) but never mind, here's what I've been doing to find a few more minutes. The slowcooker! I hate doing dinner - too tired, or have to interrupt what I'm doing, so I've been preparing dinner early in the day, while doing all the other jobs, and putting it in the slowcooker.
Also works with the teenagers who come in at all hours.

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