Friday, August 12

I wish I could stitch.

Looking at the Cosmo Embroidery threads is enough to make me scream at the moment.
So many beautiful colour combination's that make me want to create.

But of course I can't do anything fun....

Beware of gutters!


Krevill said...

hope you have a speedy recovery. Thinking of you. Karen R

Belinda aka beeware said...

Yes all the best for a good recovery Jenny.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

What about some sort of frame-thingy. Would that let you get some one-armed stitching happening??
Maybe Lucy or one of the other girls could lend you one of their arms when things are quiet.
Hope it all mends well soon!

lil said...

hope you'll recover very soon, must be terrible not being able to do some handwork

your addicted custumer from Luxemburg