Sunday, November 6

quilt show and tell

Here are a few of the outstanding quilts that were on show at the Houston Quilt Market 2011.

Bolero by Isako Wada, Japan.
Words can not describe. All hand pieced hexagons, all of them hand quilted quilted. Just beautiful.

Natsaline by Peggy Ann Bass, Kansas USA.
Beautiful colours with such a unique design. Machine applique and machine quilted.

Euphoria by Debbie Kemball, Chile.
Beautiful applique. Love the black background, really makes those colours pop.

Eco-Mission by Margarita Korioth, Florida USA.
Funky little doll quilt.

More to come soon, but Lucy and I have a flight to catch.
See you soon back in Australia!

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Susie said...

Looking forward to more posts on quilt market! I just love that Japanese quilt - would love to have see it up close!