Tuesday, November 22


Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since returning from the states. So much to catch up on around the store at Amitie, and then there was a few family things too but I have managed to get some sewing done... what bliss!

I've been working on another project for a publication. Due date is looming, so this has taken up a lot of my time! I'm not sure if I can show you the whole project but I thought a few sneak peaks might be nice.
Ever wondered what to do with all your thinner, long scraps. This will be the one for you!

To all those Gypsy Wife BOMers.
I am so sorry for the delay. Breaking my shoulder really slowed me down, but I am now working hard to get this quilt finished. No, I haven't forgotten you! I thought instead of sending you blocks from the part I have completed, I would wait so that you get a chance to see the final product.

For those who have forgotten what this quilt looks like or haven't seen it yet and would like to, here you go:

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Susie said...

Love the colours!