Wednesday, December 14


Received the following e-mail from Jan who is one of my BOMers (Block of the Month participants).

"Have just finished sewing on the final border strip - slight changes to your original, however I am very, very happy with this quilt - thank you very much for your beautiful creation, I enjoyed making it and truly enjoy looking at it and when it is quilted I will enjoy sleeping under it - once again thanks."

I love doing my block of the month designs, and creating quilts and getting lovely feedback like this just makes my heart sing.
So thank you Jan - you made my day!


Andi said...

It's time for a book Jenny!!!!!!!

Simon - aka Bloke said...

Jenny - been working hard to get my own boarders finished - 1 and a half to go the we are done... and we can attach.

Getting hard with playing bob the builder...


NurseBrandy said...

SOO pretty!!