Sunday, February 5


I mentioned a few weeks ago I was coming to the middle east to spend some time with my husband, who is working over here at the moment. Things move slowly and it has taken 3 weeks longer than I expected.I was sooo organised but have packed and unpacked several times and then when the time came I was a tad disorganised and forgot a few things. Richard is pleased I didn't remember everything as I had my suitcase full to pussy's bow and snuck quite a few things into his! Who needs clothes over here, it is still quite warm at this time of the year.I did leave a thin space at the top of the suitcase for a shirt or 2 but I have enough sewing for months and am so looking forward to a quiet time with my needle and thread during the day, then some sight seeing in the evenings. It might take me a few weeks to find my way around so stay tuned and hopefully I will find some lovely places to show. 


Cardygirl said...

Have a great break...he can always buy a shirt or two!

Miriam said...

Enjoy your quiet sewing time and exploring.
Smart thinking putting extra into Richard's suitcase!

Andi said...

Have a lovely stitchy time!!
See you in a few!

PS "Pussy's bow"? Tee hee!

Susie said...

Have a wonderful time! I'm sure you will love the 'break'. Take care, Susie