Tuesday, February 21

more quilts

I loved both of these quilts, the machine detail on both was amazing but as you can tell the camel won.

I have taken a range of styles to give a good overview and will post more soon


Jenny M said...

Stunning quilts...love both of the camel quilts. The close of the man looks as thou he could come alive!
I think it was worth the fast drive to get there...more time then to view the quilts!

Rebecka said...

WOW! What a quilt show! Those quilts are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing! Love the camel!

SueB said...

awesome quilt show.

bairdmtn said...

Beautiful quilts!

Miriam said...

Amazing!! I love the 2nd last quilt!

The amount of work in the camel quilt is stunning!

Thank you for sharing