Wednesday, March 7


 Yesterday we had to take a flying trip to Oman to renew my visa. It is not easy to cross the border but we were fortunate to have a really lovely man from the company Richard works with take us across as he has authority and this saved us a lot of time. This is approaching border control and then I was asked to put the camera away.

 The landscape here in the UAE is really quite flat with rolling sand dunes but as we approached the border the most rugged but beautiful mountains appeared. Rich in minerals ( their main export), the colours were varied and spectacular. I really want to spend some more time in Oman as it appeals to me. The male headwear was heavily embroidered...makes me wonder what other treasures I could find.

 We were treated to lunch by Mr Najeeb and had a lovely time with him, asking many questions about local culture, history etc. He was delightful and we couldn't help laugh when he explained that his marriage was arranged, as was his sons. The difference being  his some got to see the face and hands of his prospective wife while Mr Najeeb wife was like a gift....wrapped and a big surprise on opening! He said you just hoped that you didn't get someone with crooked eyes and teeth. Many hand gestures accompanied the story. I am guessing his wife was OK as they have been married for 38 years and have 7 children. He has only 1 wife but his friend has 4 wives and 36 children!!!!!

It has been really windy here the last couple of weeks and at times the sand almost looks like smog/fog


sue spargo said...

It all sounds wonderful. What a lovely experience! Love all the pics

Jenny M said...

What an adventure you are on! So much to see & learn about a different culture.

Susie said...

Such an amazing experience!!