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this week in the u.a.e.

lunch on the rooftop of the central souk

lunch with a friend at the golf club. The club house is a " falcon" and it is reported the sheik will not enter through the front door of the building as it is the tail of the bird.

 dinner at a vegetarian indian resturant. the only english on the menu is the name so this meal was quite a surprise when  it arrived....indian mcdonalds? It was beautiful and we had a dosa as well. The biggest surprise was the bill at the end, a whopping 15AED which is less than $5, oh and this included 2 bottles of water.

 house hunting as we will have to decide soon where we are going to many decisions. apartment, villa, low rise, on island, off island ( didn't know what people were talking about to begin with thought it must have been Manhattan). Then the agent took us to Etihad towers and that view was hard to see past. Over looking the palace on level 32, but as you can see the area is a building site, the rooms small and no balcony which we would prefer so we keep looking

but eating and house hunting are not the only things I have been doing... my new quilt is almost finished so here is a little teaser. Must go now as I have important things to do GREYS ANATOMY is about to start!


Debbie said…
Is this quilt to be a future pattern, BOM or kit? I do hope so it is stunning! Love it.
Lucy said…
2 things - a bedroom for ME and a POOL!!!!!
sue spargo said…
Love looking over your blog. The quilt is fabulous and how exciting looking for a home. Please email me with all your news
Susie said…
sounds like fun!! happy house hunting.....hmmm, agree with Lucy - a pool would be nice!

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