Thursday, July 26


We're amazed at how quickly the support has been rolling in for the Star Charity Quilt.

Amanda T dropped off her lovely bright block with checkerboard middle

 And Erica posted in her beautiful, more traditional block.

We're welcoming any block you wish to create as long as it's the right size and in the colours specified in the blog post below.
Thank you all for supporting. Can't wait to see what other blocks appear!


Bronwyn said...

I've made mine too - but just realised that my one is not white white background, as per these lovelies - the only 'white' I sew with is an off-white like Kona'Snow' or Bella 'ivory' (it's not cream just what I call a soft white - is this okay - I know you said white based background, so that does mean different shades of white okay?

amitietextiles said...

I'm sure it's fine!
We're just avoiding cream/yellow based backgrounds!
Can't wait to see your block

Deb said...

Wow, lovely blocks. It's a great idea.

Marie said...

Jen,there are two more blocks finished that are making their way to you from Canada (

Good luck with your project!