Friday, August 3

Green Tea and Sweet Beans UPDATE

After such interest in the starter kits...


I can't show a photo yet as we're still working on them!
These won't have as much original fabric as the other kits did but they do have the newspaper and text backgrounds. Fabrics are being hand picked by Jen to keep the original look and feel!

We have plenty of copies of the book as well!

Happy Friday


Cherry said...

Do you have any more of the text prints used in the original quilt still available (not as part of the kit?)
I'd love to get some more, but I haven't noticed them when visiting Amitie!

Many thanks, Cherry

Shaz said...

I did email saying I would lieka copty of the book, but I haven't heard anything - can someone let me know how I order it please? I really don't want to miss out!1

Kellie said...

Must remember to 'book' one of the new starter packs when I come in on Saturday - can't wait to get started on this gorgeous design!

Sharni Crossett said...

Please count me in...I have been waiting for ages for this to happen again!! Let me know how to order via email..thanks!!

Richard C. Lambert said...

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