Thursday, March 21

The Gypsy wife and...

Well, if you're wondering what the 'and' is for, you will have to read this whole post.

A few of The Gypsy Wife block of the month quilts are coming together, and Loz L was kind enough to send in a photo of hers. She hasn't quilted it yet (I think that would be asking a bit much considering final parcels just went out and it's pretty amazing she has her top together!)

I love hearing about these quilt tops getting sewn together, it means the pattern works!
Well done, Loz!

As for that 'and'.
Nothing major, just a name for the next Block of the Month.
We have named it Bring Me Flowers.

If you're wondering what it looks like, I had the sneak peak in a precious
Lucy only has 10 places left in this one. Amazing support which I am very chuffed about! We've decided there will be a Round 2 option but it has to be known that there will be very little original fabrics, if any. These will mainly be replacement fabrics!

Happy Stitching.

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sharpie said...

Wow, that quilt top is incredible!