Friday, May 3

Shop life

The store is chaotic. We have new fabrics walking in the door everyday including the new Liberty of London Lifestyle range, Deynse Schmidt's new range Shelburne Falls and a fantastic new range by Couleur Nature.

Lucy will do her best to put them all on the online store next week but that will all depend on how show prep goes. YES, we're off to another trade show in the states this means NEW quilt patterns by me! I have 4 new quilts that I will be launching, and they'll be available at Amitie before we go!

It's process getting patterns done.
The quilt is made, then the pattern is drafted. There's diagrams and templates to be done on the computer, photos to be taken (Lucy hates the ladder) and then corrections!

It's an exciting time here at Amitie, with so much going on. It's been a huge adjustment living overseas and letting the girls be more in charge. I am currently in Melbourne though (the below photo is not your imagination). It's been lovely seeing everybody and being back in the shop!

Lucy has been cracking the whip and put me to task unpacking orders and cutting block of the month fabrics. I might not be the 'Boss Lady' anymore!

Richard is still in the UAE, working so hard and my thoughts are with him today as it is his birthday!
So I will finish this post with a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Cathy said...

Welcome back Jen you have been missed. Can't wait to see all your new patterns. Happy Birthday Richard. xo

Andi said...

Jenny!!!! You look incredible!
Love the hair and ... if you haven't lost a ton of weight ... then you should wear that outfit ALL THE TIME!!!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Loving the do too!

quiltswithpersonality said...

Jenny lovely to see that your back in Melbourne. You look amazing. Looking forward to checking out all those beautiful fabrics.......

Kellie said...

Wow Jenny!! You look amazing girl!! So impressed!

Susie said...

great post Jenny - nice to see you back. Enjoy Portland