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A rant

Living overseas I might miss some of the news on some days but one story is getting plenty of world wide coverage, and that is the drug scam at the Essendon football club.
We are led to believe the players are intelligent young men, so why did they allow themselves to be injected with "unknown substances". How stupid are they? Don't we as parents educate our children " don't talk to strangers, don't take anything that you do not know" etc
But the thing that has me really angry is that there is all this talk of stand downs and charges and relative little talk of why Stephen Milne is allowed to play for StKilda when in my eyes he has been charged with a much greater crime. RAPE. It shows how the AFL regard women and as the mother of three amazing young women, my heart bleeds for the young woman involved and her family. 
I don't know as one person how to make a difference except to say
AFL clean up your will not be getting one more cent from me. I am voting with my purse!


Well said! It's a very sad aspect of our culture that professional sportsmen seem to be given concessions when it comes to poor treatment of women. It would appear to be across all codes, not just AFL :(
Kerry Fenton said…
I agree with you there! Its pretty sad when we have the AFL promoting their 'Women's Round' to promote respect for women and then allow Milne to continue to play when clearly he has no respect for women at all!
Kerry Fenton said…
I agree with you there! Its pretty sad when we have the AFL promoting their 'Women's Round' to promote respect for women and then allow Milne to continue to play when clearly he has no respect for women at all!
Cardygirl said…
Misogynism and professional sport, sadly a mans ability to run around a field is so highly prized in our culture that all manner of socially unacceptable behaviours such as substance misuse and violemce. Good post
Lisa M said…
I would like to think that the evening news would start each bulletin with their top real news of the day, but no, here in Victoria, AFL is seen as the biggest story. I am sick of it! I am a former Essendon supporter. I stopped following them at the end of last season when I realised I didn't care about whether they were winnin or not, but that I was over hearing about football everywhere I went. This drugs scandal would have done it for me though as I don't suffer fools gladly and that is what this club and it's players are, if they honestly think they can talk their way out of it. St. Kildare has lost my support also ( I so wanted them to win the flag). Innocent tip proven guilty is all good and well, but that poor girl and her family should not have to worry about catching a glimpse of Milne as they watch the news or any other program. Leave him on the bench until the trial is over and the verdict is read. No more money from me either. My sons are being taught to respect women, as is my daughter being taught to respect men. Most importantly, I want them to respect themselves, and allowing this sort of behaviour to continue so publicly makes it hard for young people to grasp the seriousness of these situations. Sorry but that is my rant. Thanks for such a great post.

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