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Bring Me Flowers BOM

I am amazed by the success of our most recent block of the month by Jen Kingwell.
It is currently in the UAE with her being quilted and I cannot wait to see this beauty all together.

Bring Me Flowers filled up so quickly, it has been hard to keep up. Round 1 and 2 are full, so we have decided to do a Round 3 option!!!!

Round 3 will pretty much be ALL replacement fabrics. We have the black and white featured in the border and blocks but the rest will be different from the original quilt but all picked to keep the same look and feel.

Details are the same as the other rounds.
12 month program.
$40 per month for Australian customers.
$45AUD per month for international customers.
Prices include fabric (quilt top and binding), patterns and templates written for hand piecing, postage and handling.

This will commence in September. Places are extremely limited and this will be the last round offered.

E-mail to sign up



Ramona said…
Have you seen anyone blogging their progress?? I'm in one of the original rounds, but haven't seen anyone other blocks in blogland.

Louisiana, USA
Candy said…
Found this round a bout. Are there still BOM's going on for this pattern? Or is the pattern available?

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