Friday, August 30

Want to learn hand piecing?

We have a fantastic new teacher a the shop. Her quilts are to die for. Traditional quilts with a fantastic mix of colour and print, all hand sewn and hand quilted.

Sandra is an amazing artist and I highly recommend her class if you want to learn hand work from start, pick up some new tips and tricks or just to work on one of your creations with her help.

Hand piecing, hand applique and/or hand quilting can be learnt in her classes. We love hand quilting at Amitie but mainly specialise in the Perle 8 technique which is a running stitch. Sandra is a stab-stitch quilter. It produces a much more traditional look and it is BEAUTIFUL!
I plan on doing one of her classes to learn this technique.

She has a lot of different quilts and is bringing a new one in every month for us to display in the shop.
No words or photos will do these creations justice.

For information on classes, visit our class list HERE.
To book any classes, please call the shop and speak to our friendly staff.

(Before inquiries come flooding in. Sandra unfortunately doesn't produce patterns. She creates and teaches her amazing work. Sorry to disappoint anybody far away!)



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Patty said...

My head is spinning over those hexies!! WOW! She does beautiful work!!