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Quilt planning and SWATCH BUDDIES

I am embarking on a quilt mission. A challenge for me and my beginner/throw it together ways.
Recently we posted about Sandra, a new teacher here at Amitie. I want to re-create one of Sandra's beautiful quilts for myself. I want a similar colour scheme which means adding to my stash as they are colours I don't have a lot of.

I have a starting place. I pulled a few spots from my stash and added some of the new YUWA's.

It's a quilt I will be adding to slowly. It's going to need a big variety of prints all in the same colours. I find it so hard to carry colour in my mind. I pick something while at work that I think is perfect only to get it home and realise it's just a little bit off. This happens way too often soooo, I am enlisting the help of my Swatch Buddie kit.

These little guys are perfect for when you have a project just like this.

There's a little key chain with tiny swatches. You attach your fabrics and carry it with you on your fabric finding missions. It takes up a tiny scraps and is compact enough to always carry in your hand bag.

 You use it to audition the fabrics you already have, and then can add new ones to your spare swatches as you go!

I love them! Never again will I take home a piece of fabric that doesn't work!

The Swatch Buddie kits are available in store and ONLINE at Amitie. They come in 12 packs and 24 packs. There's also refill packs so you can reuse the kits once a project is finished.

Want to know what else is now listed online under NEW PRODUCTS?
The Authentic templates for Jen Kingwell's Steam Punk pattern!!!!
(just a reminder that Sandra doesn't sell patterns but you can recreate her quilts by doing a class with her. Information is on the website under CLASS LISTS).

Happy Friday


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