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Aye-aye-aye… Errata’s!

I have to change my hat many times a day. The Manager hat is possibly the scariest one! Then there’s my BOM Coordinator hat, Customer Service hat, the Daughter hat… the list goes on. One that seems to be going on more and more often is the Pattern Drafter hat.

As popularity for all things Jen Kingwell grows, the word spreads about her patterns. Recently it was brought to our attention about some errors in one of them – the Gypsy Wife booklet.
It’s always a bit of a blow to hear about errors but this one even more so. We try so hard to make sure they are perfect, but unfortunately something happened in the production of Gypsy Wife.
The hardest part about this was how we found out. There have been some comments on Instagram that brought it to our attention – they’re not the kindest of comments, and they weren’t directed to us. Just about us. Ah… The joys of social media!

Firstly – I would like to apologize on behalf of Jen (the boss lady) and myself to anybody who has experienced difficulty with this pattern due to the errors. What it comes down to is human error. We look at the pattern, correct it. Look some more. Correct it. Look again. Correct it. We even asked people who had completed this quilt when it was a Block of the Month, and they came back with glowing reports. It’s just an oversight – one that we tried to avoid. Obviously we would never send anything to print with a known mistake it in.
Being a “the glass is totally full” type when it comes to this industry, I can see a positive. It’s not an error where you cut meters of fabric and then realize. So wastage of beautiful fabric, money and time is not an issue. Silver lining?! Hopefully!

Secondly – To all the quilters out there, who are clever enough to spot the error that the maker/pattern writer did not see, send an e-mail! It’s my experience that quilters are the warm and cuddly type so they will be so thankful to hear about it so they can amend the patterns printed, send out an errata etc.
This is a community based industry I think so let’s keep that community growing in a positive direction!

Just to let you all know – The errata is up HERE. We are putting a note in all the copies we still have in our possession.  Unfortunately - We print big quantities of these for one reason; the more we get printed at once, the cheaper it is. We source local printers that use more environmentally friendly methods. We’re all about supporting local but that’s not always cheap so in order to cut costs to keep the prices down for all our customers we print a huge quantity. Great! Until you find an error, hey!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I'm off for a mini break over the next few days so the office will be closed until next Thursday the 30th.

Happy Stitching.


Bronwyn said…
I'm so sorry some people have to show meanness and gossip about some huge wrongness done against them - I'm afraid social media does allow for people to air their negative thoughts and I hope that you don't let the meannies get you down - thanks so much for posting about the errata - the link's not working though? Enjoy your mini break!
Megan said…
Thanks for letting people know. Mistakes happen and obviously they are never deliberate. It's a gorgeous quilt and a great pattern - I'm looking forward to getting started on it.
Jessica said…
Thanks for the updata, sorry you had to come across it in a negative light. Mistakes happen, it's all good. I'll make a note in my own booklet for when I give this quilt a go later this year.
Monica said…
I'll never understand people that choose to rant to anyone who'll listen instead of going to the source to sort out their problem. I'm sorry this has happened to you.
Michelle Jensen said…
Hi Lucy, I know that that is definitely a challenge when trying to do your best is to avoid mistakes but it is IMPOSSIBLE. I am a pattern designer myself and run into these things of course and I do get some not so great comments but I am always quick to apologize and see their point of view. Anyway, you are so sweet with your post and I am so glad that there are others that make mistakes :) and others that are happy to apologize. You are doing a great job and your mom is too. :)
Taos Sunflower said…
Accidents happen, even with the best of intentions. Thanks for telling us. For the people who got mean, I say get a life.
Irene Blanck said…
I know how you feel. I too am a quilt designer and no matter how many times you check your patterns, there MAY be some errors that slip through. Thank god for good friends who "gently" let me know. And of course, I feel absolutely awful. so hearing negative comments doesn't help in the least - no mistake is deliberate - hence its called a MISTAKE. On the other hand there are so many more supporters so it makes this business of designing worthwhile.
nicole said…
Hi, i'm wondering who i email with possible pattern mistakes? I can't seem to find any sort of "contact me" button here or on Jen Kingwell Designs. I'm in the final stages of assembling my top and there is a strip measurement missing in section 7. The strip that has a partial seam on both sides. If someone could get back to me asap that would be great!! I was hoping for a friday finish for this one :) Thanks
Meggie K said…
Nicole, Hope you have your quilt together by now but if not go to the Jen Kingwell Designs blog and everything you need is on there :-) happy stitching.

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