Thursday, January 9

Happy New Year

We all hope you've recovered from the silly season and are feeling ready to take on the new year.

Here's some photos taken around the store recently.

New Liberty of London is in store!

Louise's Scrappy Trip Along is being quilted - LOVE the colours!

My vintage hexagon quilt is growing... slowly.

A new window display to bring in the new year. This quilt is by Sandra who teachers here on Thursdays.

More of the new seasonal Liberty collection.

Hard days at the desk make easier if there's beautiful fabric to look at.

Beautiful bundle.

Another beauty by Sandra that's now on a lot of people's 'to do' lists.



Andi said...

So much loveliness!!
Happy new year xx

Sharon Eshlaman said...

Your fabrics give me so much inspiration!

Marg M said...

Love the hexy's one day I'II try one


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