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Cut, uncut, finished block size etc

I get e-mails often regarding Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell. 
Print edition 1 did have errors which have been corrected (yay). We only have the corrected print edition available now, but considering other stores carry this pattern too, there are some edition 1 still floating around for sale.

Errors or no errors there seems to be some confusion about block measurements. People still think there are mistakes but I am assuming this is due to some terminology mix ups. I guess it all can be a little lost in translation between different countries and different stores. We all speak the same language but use different terms (wadding vs batting etc).

So let’s try and clear some of them up…

Finished quilt measurement means a completely finished quilt. Easy!

“Cut” measurements refer to a piece of fabric unsewn – so all seam allowance is included in this measurement.

“Finished block measures” refers to the block size in the completed quilt. This means a 4” finished measurement will be 4 ½” as a standalone block.

Let’s look at a simple Four-Patch block for example. Finished block measures 12”.

Cut measurement of the 4 squares would be 6 ½”.

This block will measure 12 ½” before sewn into the quilt. The extra ½” is the seam allowance.

I hope this post helps anyone who is struggling with any quilt pattern. They can be very difficult to read! I have never sewn on of my Mum's patterns before, so I take my hat off to anybody who has. They are complex!



Merran said…
what a coincidence! I am in the midst of Gypsy Wife and have been meaning to pop in and ask if there was an erratum for the pattern. I have the first version and have come across a couple of glitches (some as a result of my misreading the pattern! ) I found one correction on Jen's website re the extra strip but are there any others? Thanks

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