Delilah - Lucy's Journey - Part 2

Wednesday, July 12
My, My, My.

I am obsessed.
I now understand the hype... I mean, I got it. Don't get me wrong. I definitely got it. But now, I wait with breath that is baited for the new templates to be cut.

So, yes. Obsessing!

With the arrival of month 3 came a sigh of relief.
Why?! Straight lines! Not a curve in sight.
And, I really love this block.

I loved picking fabrics for it and created 2 very different looking blocks off the one template set.

This, to me, is the beauty of patchwork. I know Jen sees it too which is why she has a soft spot for the good old Churn Dash block.
You change your colour values slightly, and BAM. It's almost a completely different block!

I don't know if anybody else has starting planning other projects using their templates but Shooting Star is the one so far that screams I SHOULD BE A WHOLE QUILT!
And, with the magic of technology.... here's a sneak peak of what that could look like!!

Wouldn't that be a very sharp looking quilt?!

Now... I renamed Month 4.
I call it the 'Are you quite right with yourself?' Block because this little devil has 36 seams in each block and a lot of them are curved
Leaving me asking "Are you quite right with yourself?!!"

This block brought back some of the challenges from before. I ummm'd and ahhh'd before making selections.
As I went, I felt my blocks get stronger but I have to say... I don't LOVE all of these blocks.
But I also don't LOVE the idea of remaking them!

None of them are so bad they warrant a remake and I also don't believe those types of decisions should be made until just before final quilt construction.

Why? Because by the time I make all the other 797* blocks that Jen has drafted up for Delilah, these blocks might not stand out as much as being NQR.

*There aren't 797 blocks in Delilah. I just cannot be bothered to count them!

I just have to trust the process!

I do love this one!
All jokes aside about Fairhaven (that is the blocks real name, but feel free to use mine), and removing the niggle about them not being 'right'... I think Fairhaven may be the key to this quilt.

As these blocks got added to the rest of them... they all made much more sense! I think the combination of straight lines and curved lines in this block almost marry all the other ones together.

And, all of a sudden, I am not so worried about fabric selection or how effective the 'Are You Quite Right With Yourself?' blocks are.

It's all making more sense to me!

There a few things I want to work on, moving forward.

1. I need to introduce more mustard, blue and green.
2. Blocks stand out more with a constant background instead of scrappy... include more of those!
3. Work on ironing skills (ha!) and flat lay photos.

And for those wondering... yes, I take photos on a very grubby concrete balcony.
What can I say?! I just really like the look!

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OR... If you are interested in Delilah but missed out on the program - it will be released as a pattern for purchase towards the end of the year.

Thanks for reading and see you in a few months time for Part 3.


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Dodo said...

I am making Delilah along with thousands of others. Using all acrylic templates is a totally new experience for me, as are some of the construction techniques. Eventually I get things together in a fairly decent manner. It's about learning. However, I have a constant struggle with color. I think the problem stems from the fact that I am a garment sewist, turned quilter only 4 or 5 years ago. I worked in fabric retail starting in the '70's and spent the rest of my years managing big box and independent stores all before quilting took over the world. What a garment sewists put together is totally different than what a quilter will put together. How do I get past this?

Unknown said...

Oh I so understand you! I started work in haberdashery and helping with fabric choices and teaching from 1976 on. With dressmaking or tailoring it is structured. Do it right or it will be totally useless.

I have a trick I am so bad at picking fabric I take a pic in black and white of the block and because all you see are light to dark shades it is great to print out and use colour pencils etc to work out a colour scheme.

It's not rocket science but I get so OCD lol.

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