STAFF PROFILE - Introducing Anna

Wednesday, March 21
At Amitié, we pride ourselves on having excellent staff - always have and always will!
When we moved, we 'adopted' a whole new team and the experience has been amazing.

We think it's time you all got to meet the new crew and learn a little about them so, with that being said, we are excited to be featuring staff profiles over the next little while - Starting with Anna!

 Anna was one of the first interviews we held and I think we hired her on the spot!!

From the moment Anna arrived, she has been a real asset to our team. She was there during set up - she works hard, stays on task and is super helpful to staff and customers.

The best day with Anna so far - watching her Girl Crush over Tula when she visited (which Anna touches on below!)

Thanks for allowing us to share you with our Amitié Addicts, Anna!
I bet they'll adore you as much as we do.

Happy Reading...



Hi there, my name is Anna (@spanzy on Instagram) and I work at Amitie! I can say without hesitation that I literally have my dream job. 

Anna and her family!
I’ve had a few jobs in my life ranging from a supermarket cashier to a Primary School Teacher. Before I had children of my own, teaching was my world, I loved everything about it...except for the work/life balance. I took so much work home with me and found it quite suffocating at times. I had little to no time for my hobby which was sewing.