FOCUS ON : Delilah by Jen Kingwell

Tuesday, July 3
I cannot write anything about Delilah without singing MY, MY MY! It's a curse... but also a little blessing because it's a fun song to sing. This quilt, as many know, was named after a Tom Jones song. Delilah was Jen's first Template of the Month program which we shortened to TOM!
Tom Jones was a staple sound track in our house growing up. 'What's New Pussy Cat' is often played at family affairs because it gets Richard, Jen's husband, up and dancing!

What can I say about Delilah - she is a beauty and is so fun to make. I can say that with confidence because I have made her! This is the only project of Jen's I have made myself and I loved every stitch (I owe you all a blog post on my version but... where does all the time go?! So, soon... I promise!)

There are 12 different blocks in this quilt so it's always evolving and changing. It keeps the maker constantly engaged! The 12 blocks feature a range of different piecing skills from tackling curves, to Y seams. Perfect for any quilter looking to learn new skills, or somebody with a fuller skill set looking to keep things interesting.



Jen's quilts are more of a marathon than a sprint. There is a lot of work in them but the work is well worth it! You are left with a work of art by the end and I am yet to meet a quilter who has only made one of her beautiful designs.

The photography for the booklet was shot by me. The brief is always the same - quilts outside with a juxtaposition between raw location and beautiful craftsmanship.

For Delilah we decided we wanted to feature our local area. Moving down to be on the Great Ocean Road means we are surrounded by beautiful beaches and interesting sea side vegetation.
Barwon Heads was where my partner, Kyle and I headed to find a few different areas to shoot in.

Kyle was on quilt watch to ensure it didn't blow away into the ocean never to be recovered. I mean, I know my Mum loves me unconditionally but if that happened, I'd be testing the strength of that bond!

It wasn't long until Kyle got roped into being a model and I absolutely love this shot. The weather was a little moody, the wind picked up and the ocean swelled... I remember saying "I just love it here" so many times, because I really do.

Delilah's colour palette features lots of black and white prints that compliment the wild and scrappy nature Jen's fans have fallen head over heals with.
There's purple, teal, pink, red... lots of colours working together to create a feast for the eyes. When taking in this quilt your eye is constantly spotting new details - a little fussy cutting in places adds a punch and although bright, she is also subdued and controlled... I don't know how Jen does it!

The super exciting thing is Delilah really works in many colour palettes which we saw while the Template of the Month program ran. The best example is from our friend Gary (who has been writing The Circle Game posts for ya'll).

I highly recommend heading over to Gary's feed to see some close up images of his blocks - the use of geometric prints with fussy cutting will blow your mind!

Click HERE to view Gary's feed.

If you are looking to make your own Delilah, you have a few options!

The pattern booklet is available which includes instructions and template shapes on paper!
You can find that on our website HERE

We also have starter kits available - 3m of fabric in a large variety to get you started!
These are put together to give you the same look and feel as Jen's original but, as they are only a starting place, the kit encourages you to add your own style by incorporating much loved prints from your stash!

Each kit may vary from picture, but each one is as beautiful as the next - and JK approved!
Our kits include a complimentary pattern booklet making them great value!
If you'd like to shop kits, click HERE.

Now some of you might be wondering "wasn't this a template program?"
And how good are acrylic templates?!!!!!
 I highly recommend because I find it super difficult to go back to Templastic after using acrylic templates. Why? Because acrylic is more accurate! It has the seam allowance included which makes them great for rotary cutting, and machine piecing.

The full template set is available and can be purchased in store or via our website!
You can purchase the full set HERE.

This is a great investment, especially if planning on reusing your favourite templates to create other beautiful projects!

I feel like I should be throwing in a cheap set of steak knives or something but this is better! We have an introductory offer for anybody interesting in the whole kit and caboodle!

That's the booklet, kit and full acrylic template set for a discounted price of $330AUD.
Not a bad time to treat yourself and you can do so by clicking HERE

Happy Stitching


Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

It’s so beautiful! It has such a perfect balance of colours. Has Jen ever written a post about her fabric pull process?

Gorgeous photos. Your comment about the steak knives made me laugh ;)

Florence x

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