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Sue inspiration

I have had the loveliest week with Sue and her friend Melissa. We started the day with some breakfast at Gas in South Melbourne.

The wattle was in full bloom as we headed for a look at the coast.

Cape Shank was wild and cold but gorgeous. I could quite easily live on the Mornington Peninsula.

Sues work is amazing and it was a very pleasant week. Thank you to everyone who attended the classes and to Sue and Melissa for such a good time.

eye candy

Just a few quilts that passed through the shop in the last couple of weeks. I love the diversity.

great preserves

Remember this lady on a scooter? This is my friend Amanda. Amanda and her husband Pete have started a fabulous preserves business "the regimental condiment company". The goods are fantastic and really worth a try. Locally made also which is bonus.

I have tried just a few of the relishes and jams...and will be certainly trying the rest of the range.

thank you for a great sale day

Thanks everyone for a great sale day, and to those folk who sent emails. Congratulations to Juddie who won the Becky Goldsmith class and to everyone who won a freebie on the day. It was hectic but a lot of fun. We have popped any 50% off fabric that was left on the day on a shelf so some bargains are still to be had.

Thought you might like to see Ella. The picture of patience in a patchwork shop!! If only husbands were so.