Monday, April 14

STAFF PROFILE - Louise Papas

This year we will be featuring staff profiles on the blog so all of our lovely fans have a chance to get to know more about the lovelies at Amitie Textiles.

It's with great joy that I introduce Louise Papas.

"I have been a part of the Amitie team for just over 6 years after many years in marketing, advertising and PR.  I am married and have 3 gorgeous and super busy daughters ranging from 8 - 14.  

Sewing has been a part of my life forever and I have always loved fabric. I can remember standing in the Myer fabric department as a child looking at all the fabrics while my Mum flicked through the pattern books.  I learnt to make clothing in my teens and I loved most crafty pursuits spending lots of time knitting, crocheting and drawing.

My love affair with quilting started around 20 years ago when my mother and her friends started making quilts together.  It wasn’t until a few years later when I had my babies that I started making them myself.  From there I discovered the online world of blogs and Flickr and realised there were lots of like-minded fabric mad crafty types like myself out there.  

I started participating in a world wide online doll quilt swap run via Flickr. You received a secret partner and a few ideas of what they like and then you designed them a quilt and sent it to them. I really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something that suited my partner but reflected my taste and style.  This meant I spent a lot of time at Amitie choosing all the fabrics, discussing the finer details of my design with Jenny and getting lots of fabulous advice.  I think she got sick of me hanging about and offered me a job.

The doll quilt swap continues today having just finished the 14th round.   I still love the challenge and doll quilts are such a great size to play with designs - like mini works of art!  Plus they are very finishable!!  

So my style has continued to develop. A good friend once described my work as vintage with a modern twist and I suppose that’s true.  I love quilts from the 1930’s and old style blocks worked in a modern way.  I also like the soft toys I design to have an old fashioned feel - reminiscent of home made toys from my childhood and earlier.

My favourite thing to do is needle turn appliqué and most of my quilts and other designs include some.  I recently finished a fun quilt featuring a pineapple using clam shell appliqués, which I think gave it an amazing texture.  I really enjoy the hand sewing aspect of quilt making whether piecing blocks or hand quilting.  I have very little time these days to spend at the sewing machine so it’s great to have more portable projects.

My ideas come from all sorts of places. I’m inspired by my children, my online quilty friends from all around the world, art, history, the world around me and always the beautiful fabrics.  Since my teens I have been really fascinated by the Art Deco period and am currently playing with some quilt ideas using some classic deco shapes.  
Another great source of inspiration is the gorgeous work our customers bring in and of course the work of my colleagues.  There’s not a day I work that I don’t go home with some wonderful new idea for a quilt in my head.  

Currently I am working on finishing the hand quilting on a couple of quilts for me and then who knows some new patterns may emerge. 
You’ll find me at Amitie on Mondays and Tuesdays every week and every 3rd Saturday of the month." - Louise Papas.

 Big thanks to Louise for sharing that with us!
You can find her on Flickr and Instagram as : lululollylegs.

Louise was so kind to do a FREE pdf applique pattern - cute little bunny designs just in time for Easter!

Send us an e-mail to Subject: Easter pattern and we will send you a copy!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, March 18


We have another 50 or so new fabrics listed online HERE!

& heaps more in store!


Friday, March 7

Guess who we found...

In America's Patchwork and Quilting Magazine FEB 2014 issue?!?!

A design by our Boss Lady, Jen Kingwell!

A digital issue of the magazine which includes this pattern can be purchased HERE!

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, February 26


I love this range!

Available in store.

And online here.


Friday, February 21

More eye CANDY!

Here's is a great example of how a quilt can be totally transformed by fabric choices.

Melody posted this photo to our Facebook page earlier this week and we're quite taken by her vintage 30's take on Jen's The Circle Game.

It's so cheerful!
Well done, Melody!


Thursday, February 13

Want to join our team?

As things here grow, our team need to grow with it.

Casual position for a customer service role.
Must have an idea about patchwork but don't worry, we can teach you what you don't know.
Retail experience preferred but not essential.
Apply via e-mail :)


Tuesday, February 11

A little eye candy

A very lovely, Susan, e-mailed us her version of JKD Green Tea and Sweet Beans.

We love it!
She made it at a shop in USA called Sewing Party. Amazing!

Thursday, January 23

Aye-aye-aye… Errata’s!

I have to change my hat many times a day. The Manager hat is possibly the scariest one! Then there’s my BOM Coordinator hat, Customer Service hat, the Daughter hat… the list goes on. One that seems to be going on more and more often is the Pattern Drafter hat.

As popularity for all things Jen Kingwell grows, the word spreads about her patterns. Recently it was brought to our attention about some errors in one of them – the Gypsy Wife booklet.
It’s always a bit of a blow to hear about errors but this one even more so. We try so hard to make sure they are perfect, but unfortunately something happened in the production of Gypsy Wife.
The hardest part about this was how we found out. There have been some comments on Instagram that brought it to our attention – they’re not the kindest of comments, and they weren’t directed to us. Just about us. Ah… The joys of social media!

Firstly – I would like to apologize on behalf of Jen (the boss lady) and myself to anybody who has experienced difficulty with this pattern due to the errors. What it comes down to is human error. We look at the pattern, correct it. Look some more. Correct it. Look again. Correct it. We even asked people who had completed this quilt when it was a Block of the Month, and they came back with glowing reports. It’s just an oversight – one that we tried to avoid. Obviously we would never send anything to print with a known mistake it in.
Being a “the glass is totally full” type when it comes to this industry, I can see a positive. It’s not an error where you cut meters of fabric and then realize. So wastage of beautiful fabric, money and time is not an issue. Silver lining?! Hopefully!

Secondly – To all the quilters out there, who are clever enough to spot the error that the maker/pattern writer did not see, send an e-mail! It’s my experience that quilters are the warm and cuddly type so they will be so thankful to hear about it so they can amend the patterns printed, send out an errata etc.
This is a community based industry I think so let’s keep that community growing in a positive direction!

Just to let you all know – The errata is up HERE. We are putting a note in all the copies we still have in our possession.  Unfortunately - We print big quantities of these for one reason; the more we get printed at once, the cheaper it is. We source local printers that use more environmentally friendly methods. We’re all about supporting local but that’s not always cheap so in order to cut costs to keep the prices down for all our customers we print a huge quantity. Great! Until you find an error, hey!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I'm off for a mini break over the next few days so the office will be closed until next Thursday the 30th.

Happy Stitching.

Thursday, January 9

Happy New Year

We all hope you've recovered from the silly season and are feeling ready to take on the new year.

Here's some photos taken around the store recently.

New Liberty of London is in store!

Louise's Scrappy Trip Along is being quilted - LOVE the colours!

My vintage hexagon quilt is growing... slowly.

A new window display to bring in the new year. This quilt is by Sandra who teachers here on Thursdays.

More of the new seasonal Liberty collection.

Hard days at the desk make easier if there's beautiful fabric to look at.

Beautiful bundle.

Another beauty by Sandra that's now on a lot of people's 'to do' lists.