Cover Girls

Thursday, December 14
Over the last little while we have been introducing our new neighbours to Amitie's fantastic new space and part of this means local advertising!

Working with the Surf Coast Times has been great. This smaller, local publication has been very hands on with understanding our needs and desires in regards to spreading the word!
We were thrilled when asked if we wanted to be featured in their Celebrating Seniors lift out.

Jen and I graced the cover and I love this photo. Neither of us are super comfortable in front of the lens but it worked out just fine, I think!
Both in our white linens, both smiling... for me, it's just a snap shot of another day in paradise doing what we love and love sharing.

Amitie Update

Wednesday, December 6

We have some images from around store we thought you might like to see!

For those who haven't seen - the image above is part of our new space. Photos can't really capture the size, but this one does as an alright job! I get a bit gushy about it all, but I am seriously proud of this store. Jen's vision really came together and it feels unique. It definitely was a risky move, but those often pay off with hard work.
Seriously - we have no regrets. It's been an amazing adventure so far!

This is just the fabric side of things. We also have an amazing class space to the right of here.
A space that can sit 20... quite comfortably. We really thought size mattered in the "creating space" to allow us an in house experience when we invite teachers from around the world. A luxury we have really missed the last little while!

But this is also an big bonus in our smaller (more regular) workshops - you have space to spread out and let loose a little.

Quilt Market - The Wrap Up - Part 2

Thursday, November 30
Hello again!

I hope you all enjoyed the latest post about Quilt Market. 
As promised, I am back again with another post but this time I will be focusing on the quilt show that was displayed at Market.
I umm'ed and ahh'ed about what this post should be because there are so many GORGEOUS booths at Market... but I came to the conclusion that they have been featured a lot via numerous social media channels and blogs.

Also, my mind is stuck on the quilt show... one exhibition in particular.
Between Me and the World: Identity and Activism in Quilts.

This part of the exhibition was sponsored by EverSewn and, in my opinion, it featured some of the best work because of the emotional response one got from viewing the quilts.

QUILT MARKET - The Wrap Up - Part 1

Saturday, November 25

Thought I better let you all know how Market was for our crew. We did a a bit of sharing on our Instagram stories (seriously - we love Stories! Best way to show you some behind the scenes stuff which will be a big focus of ours in 2018) but here's a more formal approach!

There's been one major hold up on this post. I wanted to get this blog looking sexy...
And, I think I achieved it! 

A place we plan on using more often in 2018 to share news and ideas about our business and also the surrounding community.

Now, I know what you're all thinking? More blog posts.. we have heard it all before! But, we are serious. I think this blog is under-utilised. It's not just a place to share things about Amitie, but a more general creative hub where YES we will talk all things Amitie but lots of other stuff as well!
I, Lucy, will be the main contributor but I also hope to feature lots of new content from other guest contributors too. I hope you continue to come back and enjoy what you find!

So here we are.
Quilt Market Houston 2017 - the wrap up - PART 1!
Better late than never!

Delilah - Lucy's Journey - Part 3

Thursday, August 24
Hello friends,

Half way into this quilt and with every stitch I fall more and more in love.
With each block completed, I drag all my blocks out again and lay them out. I posted this image recently on Instagram (@lucycarsonkingwell) of my 'Design Floor' to gauge where it's all heading and it's looking okay!!

Delilah has been a test - I have learnt many new skills and it is definitely the most technical quilt I have taken on to date... but it's not hard!
The templates are fantastic. I swear working with acrylic templates makes it quite challenging to go back to temp-plastic! These templates are ensuring my blocks come out correct, every time.

The Proverbial Quilt

Monday, August 14
Oh, am I excited!

I have been on a improv binge of late... I really love it! You kind of get to flip the bird to perfect points and all the other pressures we put on ourselves as quilters... there's a freedom involved which is exhilarating.

So, I have jumped at the chance to participate in one of Denyse Schmidt's workshops we have coming up... The Proverbial Quilt!

This pattern is ACE as you can come up with your own quilted message to keep you warm at night.

Delilah - Lucy's Journey - Part 2

Wednesday, July 12
My, My, My.

I am obsessed.
I now understand the hype... I mean, I got it. Don't get me wrong. I definitely got it. But now, I wait with breath that is baited for the new templates to be cut.

So, yes. Obsessing!