Introducing - Meg Nicholson

Tuesday, May 15
Many moons ago I found myself in a trance.

I was at a busy maker's market in Fed Square. It was close to Christmas and busy. Way busier than I could cope with... I was on my way out the door and there they were. The most enchanting stitched artworks with colours that spoke to my soul.

The work belong to Meg Nicolson.

Flash forward to now, years later, and I am proud to include Meg on our class room schedule - sharing her unique skills and knowledge about this gorgeous art form.

Meg was also kind enough to answer some questions for our readers.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did.



What inspires you most, in your work?

Mostly colour. I get really excited about certain tones and how they sit together. The imagery I work from or that exists in my head is also important. Nostalgia plays a big part. I've been working from my Grandmother's photos a lot. Bowl cuts and the fashion of my childhood delight me.

How long have you been working on your art form?

I had an exhibition in 2015 with some friends where I was showing oil paintings. I wanted to do a workshop with children alongside the exhibition focused on stitching. I had been stitching imagery a little bit but saw it as my craft. Separate to my art. I used to be an Education Officer in an Art Gallery, so love working with children. I had been screen printing fabric to make softies.  I decided to do some little stitched works on screen printed fabric as a part of the show. They were more popular than my paintings. The bonus is they are also accessible to my lifestyle as a mum to 4.
I can work anywhere. A mobile studio is a great thing.

What does your creative space look like?
 I have a beaut little studio in an Art Deco building in the town centre of Warrnambool. It’s a luxury away from the housework. My big windows look over the T&G building and it has great light. I do a lot of people watching. 
I’m generally pretty clean but have way too much “stuff”.
I also have a little studio in my backyard in a little old stone building which is incredibly cold in winter. I paint there. 
I take my work everywhere though. Most hours are put in to each piece in my arm chair late at night when all the things have been done and the children are quiet. I’m a night owl.

Any must read blogs or websites that inspire you?

I used to read blogs a lot when my children were smaller, but I don’t so much now. Shaun Tan’s blog is delightful. 
I listen to podcasts a lot. Starving Artist and The Jealous Curator are favourites. 

What is your favourite colour? 

Pink in my work. The more fluorescent the better. I have to limit myself sometimes. But I love how it pops.

Who are some other makers you love?

There’s too many but I’ll try a few.  Tracey Deep, Louise Meuwissen, Paulo do Prado, Jenny Kee and Louise Paramor Sonia  Delaunay is my hero.  

If you would like to join us for the Stitched Drawing workshop with Meg, book your spot HERE
Looking for more of Meg's work... check out her Instagram HERE


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