Anna Maria Horner - Plot Twist Workshop

Wednesday, July 11
On the 23rd and 24th of June we hosted the incredibly talented Anna Maria Horner for a fantastic workshop and what I think has been our most interesting event to date... The Private Dinner.

I think a picture speaks a thousand words and these images do the events more justice than my words ever could.

This post features photos from the Workshop.

Plot Twist was the workshop we chose to hold - a choose your own adventure style of class with each participant working on their own unique version of Anna Maria's pattern.
We love workshops like this one. They encourage the participants to tap into their own creative abilities and go their own way exploring a theme! Fabrics both new and old appear out of bags, and the buzz in the shop is electric.



Thank you Anna Maria Horner for sharing her time with us and our beautiful community AND to all who attended the workshop. Without you we couldn't explore the possibilities of our new space here in Torquay - the ongoing support is incredible and it never goes unnoticed as it's very much appreciated!