Anna Maria Horner - The Private Dinner

Wednesday, July 11
The Private Dinner with Anna Maria saw 12 ladies, well 14 including Anna Maria and Jen, for dinner!

We converted our cafe into a restaurant with beautiful native flowers, using Anna Maria's Sweet Dreams collection as our inspiration (a range inspired by her previous trip to our beautiful Australia - perfection!)
The flowers were styled by Jen. I assisted but can take no credit because she really worked her magic... this is where I should mention one of Jen's secret talents is she is a trained florist so she has a little leg up in this department!

Now, it's hard to say, but I believe this event was an industry first! We hosted Anna Maria a little over a year ago and offered her lecture and trunk show in Melbourne. We did so in a lecture room where we could welcome the masses to hear Anna Maria speak. It was a great event but this time around we wanted to offer something different... something unique to our store, exploring our new found capabilities with the kitchen on site and sheer size of this building!

Our chef Tana did an amazing job at catering this event- the food was delicious and abundant.
A guest asked me if I was a chef and gave very high praise - I quickly corrected her.

If only I could cook like our Tana!

I mentioned on the previous post that a picture says 1000 words and these are no different.
I'll let the images do the talking!



A huge thank you to our beautiful team for helping pull this one off!

To Karen and Anna for making the place settings and napkins from Anna Maria's fabric (a little take home gift each of our diners!)

To Tana, our chef, for the food and all your hard work.
To Georgia, our beautiful cafe team member, who always has a smile on her face.
Both these ladies worked a double shift on the day and this dedication doesn't go unnoticed.

To Jen for being fearless with her vision for Amitie!

To Richard for moving tables and floor mats to Jen and my very specific requests!

A bigger thank you to the 12 ladies who joined us on the evening - the support and lovely feedback about the event has left us buzzing with ideas moving forward.

And of course to Anna Maria Horner for sharing her talents and time with us and our community.
We love being able to call this beautiful soul a friend!

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