STAFF PROFILE - Introducing Nat!

Wednesday, June 6

Hey Amitie Addicts,
Time for another staff profile. I love sharing these because our team are the backbone of our business. They are the smiling faces that greet you, the warm voices on the end of the phone and it's important you know how FABULOUS they truly are!
The next cab off the rank is Nat - the wonderful Nat, who many of you might know from her pattern company Cinderberry Stitches.
Jen and I were pretty chuffed when Nat applied to work for us - Instagram has opened the craft world up and Nat's feed always caught out eye. Her attention to detail is fantastic which is why we made her chief Visual Merchandiser!
The thing we love most about Nat is her wicked sense of humour. She always has us laughing and we love her for that!
Thanks for sharing yourself with our wonderful customers, Nat!!


Well hello, I thought it was about time I introduced myself to you. 

I'm Natalie Lymer and it's been 2 hours and 18 minutes since I last sewed.

If you happen to find yourself in store at Amitie you might find me teaching workshops, cutting fabrics and kits, visual merchandising and helping Amitie Addicts find just the right piece of fabric. I absolutely love the Amitie atmosphere and being surrounded by fabrics, incredible makers and the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee (and carrot cake). It's one of the most inspiring places to be,  in fact I often joke that if there were a shower and bed I might never want to leave.

Away from Amitie our two children Isabelle (9) and Darcy (5) plus the fur pup Pippa keep my life busy and full of laughter, fun and crazy times.


During the years when our kids were very small I  had the opportunity to work from alongside both Lecien and Riley Blake Designs creating several fabric collections and pattern designing under the label Cinderberry Stitches.  

It was a juggling act at times but I was always looking for fun activities for them to create and ways to use their imagination so I might also have a small window of time to create or sketch myself, a stolen moment here and there to hand stitch and create. 

I'm currently working on Jen's latest BOM blocks from Golden Days, hand piecing the Tempter 'Shadow Moon' using Heather Ross fabrics I have coveted over the years and there might even be a little bit of garment making in progress at the moment..... because one should have numerous projects in progress at any one time. 

I love hand piecing, needle turn applique and slow stitching.
For me the movement of needle and thread through fabric is completely meditative and the perfect way to slow the mind and relax in a world that has become full of instant gratification and relentless busy-ness.

I also love to draw, sketch and play with paint a little so it's no surprise when I tell you my favourite fabric designers are often those that combine incredible artwork, painting and illustrations with vivid colours like Anna Maria Horner, Tula Pink, Heather Ross - oh and I can't wait to see what's coming with the new Anna Maria Conservatory fabrics!

So anyway.... I guess you might be wondering what I love most of all about working at Amitie? 
Actually it's you. I love hearing about your new projects, seeing your blocks and fabric combinations, hearing your stories and becoming a small part of your stitching journey

so thank you for the endless inspiration you give me



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