Tuesday, June 19
On the weekend we hosted a a wonderful group of sewers from the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild.
This was the first retreat type of event we have ever hosted here in our Torquay space, and we hope it is the first of many! With a class room that comfortably sits 20+ and a kitchen in the space for catering and coffee purposes, it's fun to explore our business' true capabilities!

It's always fun to share time with the MMQG because of their approach to quilting - it goes without saying that it's modern and their enthusiasm for all things fabric is infectious! They see quilts in a different light with a strong focus on improv - it's pretty funky!
The machinists of the group were whipping through their work, but Jen still managed to spread the good word about hand stitching!

Saturday was a class with Jen! She shared her tips and tricks about hand piecing and quilting.
You can almost hear a pin drop with Jen teaches - her extensive knowledge about techniques and helpful products is unlike no other. The combination of store owner, designer, long time quilter and all round creative power house.... does it get any better?!

Saturday night we hosted the group for dinner - it was a cold and blustery night in Torquay but inside was cooking... literally!

The Guild was met with a grazing plate to make any mouth water. Followed by arancini balls with prawn, dill and saffron and a careme puff pasty topped with mushrooms and tallegio.

For main there was a choice of mushroom risotto or Osso Buco with soft polenta and gremolata.
And dessert. Oh boy... the dessert! Chocolate fudge pudding with fresh berries, whiskey ganache and fresh cream. Could that sound any better?!

To Tana, our chef, you truly are amazing and your food always delights.
Thank you for sharing your talents with us and our customer base.

Sunday was a Sit + Sew day!
A fun day of creativity amongst like minded people. The room was abuzz with laughter and the gentle whir of machines.

We want to thank the Guild for choosing us to host this event with them!
Thanks to Sandra and Tamara from the committee for coming down to plan with Bridget and of course, thank you Bridget for working so hard on ensuring the success of this (and all) our events!

Below is a selection of photos snapped over the 2 days.

If you are a member of a guild or stitching group and would like to have a similar event with fabric, food and bucket loads of fun- please contact us!
We would love to have you.



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