Friday, March 22

Incase Blog Land was wondering

It was announced on Facebook but for those who didn't see, the 'I Love Liberty and Amitie' giveaway was drawn. Congratulations to Bronwyn Hooper, Sue Krook, Tracey Dawkins and Angela Reilly.

You 4 lucky ladies won some beautiful Liberty of London bundles!

Thursday, March 21

The Gypsy wife and...

Well, if you're wondering what the 'and' is for, you will have to read this whole post.

A few of The Gypsy Wife block of the month quilts are coming together, and Loz L was kind enough to send in a photo of hers. She hasn't quilted it yet (I think that would be asking a bit much considering final parcels just went out and it's pretty amazing she has her top together!)

I love hearing about these quilt tops getting sewn together, it means the pattern works!
Well done, Loz!

As for that 'and'.
Nothing major, just a name for the next Block of the Month.
We have named it Bring Me Flowers.

If you're wondering what it looks like, I had the sneak peak in a precious
Lucy only has 10 places left in this one. Amazing support which I am very chuffed about! We've decided there will be a Round 2 option but it has to be known that there will be very little original fabrics, if any. These will mainly be replacement fabrics!

Happy Stitching.

Friday, March 15

Diamonds by Caroline

Do you know Carolyn Forster? I am lucky enough to say 'Yes'.
I met Carolyn at a US Market a few years ago and it's always so lovely to catch up with her. She is a very clever lady, and is always working on beautiful things and we're very lucky to have one of her very beautiful things here in the shop!
Her quilt, Diamonds in the Sky, was featured in Homespun and is now hanging in the window at Amitie.
It's use of bright fabrics with an interesting black and white really suits our style here!

We have the templates available. So if you would love to make your own version of this cool quilt, they are $15.50 per set.

Call on (03) 9596 7225 to order!

If you'd like to know more about Caroline, you can visit her blog HERE

Thursday, March 7

Gwen Marston is coming!

I am so excited to announce this. Hosting famous quilters for workshops is always such a blessing, and this one is no different. I love Gwen's work. She has her own quirky style and has certainly influenced me greatly on my quilting journey.

This one isn't for a while, and we don't have ALL the details yet but I know it'll be popular so we will be taking expressions of interest.
PLEASE NOTE: If you're certain you'd like to come, then you can put your name down with a non-refundable deposit.
Places are limited!

Gwen will be teaching at Amitie on the 2nd of July 2013.
This workshop is based on Gwen Marston’s recent book, Liberated Medallion Quilts.

As with all of Gwen’s classes, she will present as wide a view of the topic as possible, so that students can make the kind of medallion they like best, be it more traditional or wildly liberated.  Medallions are one of the great historical styles and provide a wonderful format for designing quilts, one border at a time. Gwen will have samples of various types of Medallion quilts in class for visual aids.

Think about the style of medallion you want to make and bring appropriate fabric. If you want to make something in the Martha Washington style, bring early reproductions. If you want to make something in the Gwenny and Freddy style (Collaborative Quilting), bring brights, or you can do it with Aunt Gracie 30 prints, or in solids for a dramatic look.

Do some homework to help you decide what kind of quilt you like. Remember, a Medallion is a quilt that begins with a centre area of interest (either an interesting pieced or appliqué block or a unique fabric) and builds outwards in a series of borders. If you can’t figure out what kind of Medallion you want to make, bring some of your favourite fabrics and we will figure it out together.

It will be a typical Amitie workshop with lots of chatter, fun to be had. We will supply you with food too so you don't have to leave your work!

Call the shop on 09 9596 7225 to put your name down!

Wednesday, March 6

Sneak Peak: MY NEW BOM

I've been very busy stitching. Trying hard to get my next block of the month finished.
I have a sneak peak photo for you, it's a mix of hand piecing and applique.
Lots of pretty flower baskets!

We have limited places in this one, so we thought we'd do early sign ups for all you eager BOMers out there!
E-mail Lucy at and let her know you don't want to miss out!

That photo was taken from my Instagram feed. Do you use Instagram? It's a great way to keep up to date with what people are up to... like a blog, in photos. My screen name is ' jenkingwell '. I post the projects I am working quite often, and also shots from my life in the Middle East.

Our Stash Club is still happened. The Feb mail out went out last week and it was a beautiful mix including some Salt Water by Tula Pink, so lovely Japanese ones and everything in between!

There's 1 m of fabric in total for each Stash Club mail out. It's 16, Fat 16ths and is a mix of new fabrics to Amitie Textiles.
$25 per mail out for Australian customers, $28 AUD for international customers. These prices includes postage and handling.
To sign up, e-mail