Thursday, November 21

Packs, online stuff and a little disclaimer!

If you're on our Facebook and Instagram pages you will already know, but sometimes that doesn't get to all the folk in blogland and we wouldn't want you to miss out!

We've been busy bundling little 1m packs for the shop and online store.
8 different fabrics in each. A range of colour groups.
They are starting to appear now so check them out HERE to have a look or pop in and see us!

I have finally linked our Instagram to our Amitie Facebook page so for all those who don't have Instagram but do have Facebook, you can get a more day-to-day insight to what happens in the store! Perfect!

Wanting to find us on either of these social networking tools:
Just search for Amitie Textiles on Facebook and for Instagram our name is amitie_textiles

Our last post got a great response. A lot of feedback and we love that.
I just wanted to say that I understand the Internet has it's place. I am not anti-Internet! We have a fantastic international following and they know what we're up to because of the Internet.
Even our interstate customers that access our wares online!
We love you all and thank you for your support - no matter where you're located and how you purchase from us.


Monday, November 18

As the dollar continues to drop...

Internet shopping is no new craze, especially in the patchwork industry. It’s been a struggle for a lot of shops to stay afloat and I think that’s becoming even clearer with shops sadly closing their doors.

Now, I never buy fabric online. I know you’re thinking “why would she? Look where she works!” but it is more than that. I bought fabric online once. Something we didn’t stock; a Hello Kitty fat quarter off an eBay seller. When it arrived it was a poor quality fabric. It doesn’t feel like 100% cotton even though the seller says it is. It’s somewhat shiny, it frays like you would not believe and it’s a different red to what I thought it would be. I have used this fabric in a hand sewn project and it’s not nice to sew. Basically… the fabric is a disaster and for me, that’s too much of a risk. I would rather touch and feel the fabrics I buy and yes, this fat quarter of fabric was cheap but I won’t use it any more so cheap or not, it was a total waste of my money.
We stock a large selection of plains.

I wonder how often this happens to others. I picture somebody with a stash of fabrics, some they love and others that aren’t quite what they expected. The quality might be excellent, but the colour just isn’t right or the print is bigger than thought at time of purchasing.

It’s been hard to compete with such low prices being offered in other countries. The ace up our sleeve though is our customer service and I’ve been wondering with our dollar dropping, and postage rates going up if people will turn off the computer and get in the car to their local again.

And a lovely range of Liberty.

Now I can only speak for us here at Amitie, but we’re always happy to help you work on fabric selection, calculate measurements and get you just the right amount of fabric you need for the specific project in mind. If you have a UFO with fabrics from your stash, bring it in! Bought fabric elsewhere? We don’t mind… we might have just the right print to bring it to life. The kettle is always on and the girls who work here are all lovely and very talented!

We’re always working hard to have new, exciting things and we make a huge effort to get things on the shelf at the lowest price possible. It might not be as cheap as a foreign website, but if you only need 20cm and you know it’s the right colour/texture/quality then you might be surprised at how much money you manage to save...

So, what have you got to lose?

See you in the store!