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Quilt planning and SWATCH BUDDIES

I am embarking on a quilt mission. A challenge for me and my beginner/throw it together ways. Recently we posted about Sandra, a new teacher here at Amitie. I want to re-create one of Sandra's beautiful quilts for myself. I want a similar colour scheme which means adding to my stash as they are colours I don't have a lot of.

I have a starting place. I pulled a few spots from my stash and added some of the new YUWA's.

It's a quilt I will be adding to slowly. It's going to need a big variety of prints all in the same colours. I find it so hard to carry colour in my mind. I pick something while at work that I think is perfect only to get it home and realise it's just a little bit off. This happens way too often soooo, I am enlisting the help of my Swatch Buddie kit.
These little guys are perfect for when you have a project just like this.

There's a little key chain with tiny swatches. You attach your fabrics and carry it with you on your fabric finding missio…


We've had a lot of questions on Instagram lately about kits of Jen Kingwell's patterns so we've worked out a way we think we can spread the Amitie/JKD look to all our fantastic fans, all over the world!

Some starter kit options are now available online but it's set up a little different. Click HERE to view.
For those of you who don't know, we offer starter kits as a way to get you going and then you can add your own flare with some backgrounds/borders/sashings of your choice. You can mix in some of your stash to create a quilt that is truly your own while keeping the Jen Kingwell look!
This kits will be sold via e-mail and cut to order. You can specify if you need the pattern shipped with the kit as well!
Because we're cutting to order, they might take 1-2 weeks to get together but we will keep you in the loop via e-mail!

Invoices will be sent once the kit is complete and we know the final cost with postage. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.
So, who w…