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fish lips

I love this particular Brandon design "fish lips". I now love it even more after seeing this.

What an honour

This past week we have had the pleasure of hosting Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably in Melbourne.

 What a sunset we organised on their first night.

 Brandon...always the clown with Nikki's hand bag. It was a hairpiece for both head and chest then became a poodle as the night went on.

 Both Kaffe and Brandon are so observant. I think I have been walking around with my eyes closed. This was something that caught their eye on Ackland St StKilda

 We all enjoyed a Thai foot massage at the end of a day at the galleries.

Both the workshop and the lecture were fabulous and I know everyone enjoyed themselves. We have had lots of calls and messages of delight today. If you want to see more of the workshop photos check out
Patch Andi as she has some great shots and I was a bit distracted and forgot to pick up the camera!!


A friend and I had a lovely day off together and we went to Cloudhill in Olinda. It is the most wonderful garden and I could have spent the entire day there but lunch called!!

This peaceful corner with not a lot of colour but so gorgeous with all the different shades of green and various leaf textures.

Around each corner is another wonderful vista.

A breading pair?? we will see how they go. I couldn't resist these and I purchased some of the cutest mushrooms.

It is well worth a visit if you are in the Dandenong ranges.