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Want to learn hand piecing?

We have a fantastic new teacher a the shop. Her quilts are to die for. Traditional quilts with a fantastic mix of colour and print, all hand sewn and hand quilted.

Sandra is an amazing artist and I highly recommend her class if you want to learn hand work from start, pick up some new tips and tricks or just to work on one of your creations with her help.

Hand piecing, hand applique and/or hand quilting can be learnt in her classes. We love hand quilting at Amitie but mainly specialise in the Perle 8 technique which is a running stitch. Sandra is a stab-stitch quilter. It produces a much more traditional look and it is BEAUTIFUL!
I plan on doing one of her classes to learn this technique.

She has a lot of different quilts and is bringing a new one in every month for us to display in the shop. No words or photos will do these creations justice.

For information on classes, visit our class list HERE. To book any classes, please call the shop and speak to our friendly staff.

(Before inquir…

Bring Me Flowers BOM

I am amazed by the success of our most recent block of the month by Jen Kingwell. It is currently in the UAE with her being quilted and I cannot wait to see this beauty all together.

Bring Me Flowers filled up so quickly, it has been hard to keep up. Round 1 and 2 are full, so we have decided to do a Round 3 option!!!!
Round 3 will pretty much be ALL replacement fabrics. We have the black and white featured in the border and blocks but the rest will be different from the original quilt but all picked to keep the same look and feel.
Details are the same as the other rounds.
12 month program. $40 per month for Australian customers. $45AUD per month for international customers. Prices include fabric (quilt top and binding), patterns and templates written for hand piecing, postage and handling.
This will commence in September. Places are extremely limited and this will be the last round offered.
E-mail to sign up
xoxo Lucy

YUWA back at Amitie

It's been a while since we've had YUWA fabrics at Amitie and we're very excited to announce that they are back!

New YUWA fabrics listed online HERE.

Beautiful Oman

We have ventured into Oman several times and it is truly beautiful. From the rugged mountains to the picturesque coastline
This is the front page of the newspaper! Just a few images for you. If you follow me on instagram sorry you will have seen some of these

A rant

Living overseas I might miss some of the news on some days but one story is getting plenty of world wide coverage, and that is the drug scam at the Essendon football club. We are led to believe the players are intelligent young men, so why did they allow themselves to be injected with "unknown substances". How stupid are they? Don't we as parents educate our children " don't talk to strangers, don't take anything that you do not know" etc But the thing that has me really angry is that there is all this talk of stand downs and charges and relative little talk of why Stephen Milne is allowed to play for StKilda when in my eyes he has been charged with a much greater crime. RAPE. It shows how the AFL regard women and as the mother of three amazing young women, my heart bleeds for the young woman involved and her family.  I don't know as one person how to make a difference except to say AFL clean up your will not be getting one more cent from me.…


The new seasonal Liberty of London is online now!

Check them all our HERE
Also, the lovely Lynne from Lily's Quilts has a little write up in a magazine, and look who got a mention!
Such lovely words about Jen's design works!